So who is this guy?

Writers write…always. I think I heard that somewhere once. 😉

At my core I’m a writer. For as long as I can remember I’ve been scribbling in notebooks and napkins. In my professional life I’ve written and prepared marketing collateral, media releases, web content, corporate announcements, and a variety of training, HR, and procedural documents. My passions like in songwriting.

In all things in life we should strive to define our purpose and pursue it with patience, persistence, perseverance and passion. Creativity, communication, collaboration and compassion should form the foundation of everything we do.

I believe we should embrace technology and utilize all it offers but not at the sacrifice of the analog spirit that keeps things a little rough around the edges. I love my Kindle but there’s nothing like the smell and feel of an old dusty book.

I love my digital recording tools but nothing will ever replace the sound of my Martin acoustic guitar and while I often type away on a keyboard, nothing beats a good pen and a notebook.

None of us knows everything about anything…but together we have the capacity to learn anything about everything.

Be Well and Kind,


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