So who is this guy?

Writers write…always. I think I heard that somewhere once. 😉

The most important thing part of my life is less about what I “do” and more what I “am.” I am a father and a son. I am married to my best friend. I am a storyteller. I am a songwriter. I am schoolteacher.

As I make my way through this world I collect stories and try my best to tell them, be it through spoken or written word or in a song.

Here you will find musings on family, friendship, and plenty of baseball talk. (Go Astros!!) You’ll also find Tales from the Cube where I share my thoughts on professional communications from my previous life in corporate America as well as thoughts on life as an educator.

In my other life I run Cathedral Records,  to tell stories about my life as a songwriter and musician as well as those about the many artists who inspire me and inhabit the unique land of somewhat broken but always cherished toys that we reside or often visit.

I believe we should embrace technology and utilize all it offers but not at the sacrifice of the analog spirit that keeps things a little rough around the edges. I love my iPad but there’s nothing like the smell and feel of an old dusty book.

I love my digital recording tools but nothing will ever replace the sound of my Martin acoustic guitar and while I often type away on a keyboard, nothing beats a good pen and paper…or a napkin for that matter.

None of us knows everything about anything…but together we have the capacity to learn anything about everything.

Life is a string of stories we collect and tell. Make them matter and have fun.

And most importantly of all…

Be Well and Kind,

The Blog

Happy Anniversary

One kiss and then another.   One day and then another.   One year and then another.  Would you give one kiss for the rest of your life?  Would you live one year for all time?   One year ago I married my best friend.   We’ve packed a lot into a year. We’ve been to concerts, gone on road …

A Picture Tells a Thousand Hashtags

My son, affectionately and respectfully known as Young Master Oliver, (said with an accent similar to Alfred, young Bruce Wayne’s loyal butler and mentor) was born almost four years ago. In the years and months leading up to his birth I was one of those people who swore he would never plaster my Facebook account …